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Black Pilled FAQ

Black Pilled, founded in 2016, is a news network run by independent journalists with a mission to provide the people with information they won’t get anywhere else. Trust in mainstream media has been in steady decline for decades. There are very good reasons why public trust is at an all-time low. Globalists, Corporatists, and Statists have spent billions of dollars to own the narrative and promote their interests and political agendas above the interests of the people they pretend to serve, using the legacy media as propaganda machines instead of the information outlets they impersonate. Black Pilled is here to fill the vacuum created by their corruption and deceit.

Currently Black Pilled survives only through the hard work of its volunteer staff and donations of it’s readers and viewers with some minimal advertising. We will never accept donors or sponsors who wish to control the information we provide you and we will always disclose where our funding comes from here.